Gospel for Africa

Project Name: Establishing a Modern Evangelism Platform in Africa

Purpose: To build a multimedia gospel platform to evangelize
through television, mobile phones, computers, radios, projectors, etc.

Introduction: As we all know, China has developed very fast in Africa in recent years, occupying most of the market in terms of telecommunications, electronic products and the Internet.Therefore, the use of Chinese electronics and Internet technology in the advantages of Africa, and telecommunications companies to establish an online evangelistic multimedia platform.The content will be available from local churches and gospal agents.
Cooperate with professional factories to customize the projector,mobile phone,  radio etc to access the platform with pre-installed evangelistic app.  Establish a platform for evangelism and become a ministry.
Hope to be in the will of the Lord.

Step1: Cooperate with Chuanyi Music Company to establish the same hardware platform as boomplaymusic, which is operated by the evangelistic team.
content: gospal music /video/readio.

Chuanyi Music Company: In March 2015, Boomplay launched the TECNO Boom J7 music phone as a brand of Voice Holdings.Pre-installed music player, debuted in Nigeria, mainly for African users to provide online playback and download services of genuine music and video worldwide. In 2017, Voice Holdings and Netease, one of China’s leading Internet technology companies, established a joint venture company. As part of the strategic cooperation between the two parties, Boomplay is operated and independently developed by Chuanyi Music, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chuanyi.

refer to : https://www.boomplaymusic.com/


Step2: Cooperate with Xiaomi Company to customize wifi/Bluetooth radio.
Pre-set: Gospel (20 preset online radio) .

Step3. Cooperate with BenQ to customize the projector, based on GV1 projector (mobile/brightness: improve to 500ANSI, WiFi/Bluetooth /watch day time)
Pre-installed Bible/Psalm software, pre-installed evangelistic app for pastors and preachers to carry.

All of the above companies have factories in China, and their products are market-oriented. They only need to cooperate with manufacturers to customize new products.Pre-installed evangelism software.
Cooperate with various mobile phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, TECNO, etc., and pre-installed evangelistic app in mobile phones.
And save costs,

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